Here’s Two Impaired Female Drivers Nearly Killing People With Their Erratic Driving

Way to really break apart those unfair, generalistic stereotypes ladies. Driving while drunk or driving while high on drugs or driving while crazy, not sure the actual cause of these bizarre driving encounters is, but for whatever the reason these two females absolutely cannot handle driving an automobile.

For the first display of awful driving, we take you to Gastonia, North Carolina where a woman was doing donuts right smack in the middle of a busy intersection. During her erratic joy ride on Thursday around 4:25 p.m., she smashed into four cars, including two police cruisers. However the fun ended when she lost control of her Ford Fusion after knocking out a fire hydrant. She then flipped her car onto it’s roof when she careened down a 12-foot-embankment.

Police rushed to the car to apprehend the woman, but she was very uncooperative. Officers had to pepper spray the enraged woman to take her into custody. When Gastonia Police Capt. Rodney Aldridge asked the lady what her name is she replied, “Faith, hope and love.” Seems legit.

Witness Rhonda Helms said the woman appeared to be singing, “Jesus loves the little children of the world” as she got out of her car. Thankfully none of those lovable little children were near this shitfuck driver.

Police said the unnamed woman was taken to a hospital for evaluation.

In our second video, we take you to Brookhaven, New York, where one impaired woman simply just didn’t catch a glimpse of the stopped car directly in front of her. She crashes right into a car at an intersection, which had a mother and two children in it.

Don’t stop watching after the first impact. Oh no it gets way more hazardous. Around the 1:07 mark she goes in for a second-helping of bumper cars and nearly runs over a woman in the process.

Thank God we don’t have flying cars.