Dude Was So Extra In Trying To Impress A Hot Chick After She Flashed Her Panties That He Broke His Arm

Some guys fall for a girl, and then there’s this guy who literally falls for a girl. Look at this kid trying so hard to impress a hot chick that it turned into a major fail and he blew any chance with her.

A hot girl straddles the escalator rail at a mall wonderfully (It appears that it is not her first time). She then lifts up her skirt to give a guy a peek at her panties. In an effort to one-up her and impress the girl he lays on the rail, but on his back. He then crosses his legs, which gives him no support whatsoever and he plummets to the hard marble ground. Pussy will make you do dumb shit.

While he is freefalling he lets out a very high-pitched shriek that I can only describe as an instant pussy dryer.

The video description says that he broke his arm because of the fall. I hope that this poor guy didn’t break his arm that he uses to jerk-off with because he’s gonna need it since that girl is definitely not going to be with him.

Simpin’ ain’t easy.

Hey Happy Gilmore, what do you think about this dude’s failure to impress a chick?

I couldn’t agree more.