This Officially Recognized ‘Church Of Cannabis’ Offers Sacramental Weed

What a strange and beautiful world we live in fellas. Richly high times indeed. Yes, it seems a group of self-proclaimed ganja lovers were able to open a church in Indiana, where anyone in attendance can legally worship ganja till the wheels fall the fuck off, and the trees you can make out through the stained glass church windows start talking rhyme ‘n reason.

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The First Church of Cannabis was recognized as an authentic religious corporation the same day as the Religion Freedom Restoration Act was signed. For anyone unfamiliar with that Act, it basically dictates that anyone in Indiana is protected from being compelled to do anything that diminishes their religious freedom.

Bill Levin, the minister of the First Church of Cannabis, a man likely immortalized by his recent stunt of ingenuity, tapped into a legal loophole. Levin used the RFRA to establish his church as a religious corporation, while instantaneously making cannabis the church’s official sacrament. Oh and the fucking kicker–the church is exempt from paying taxes. Winning. It pays to know your rights, damn does it pay bros.

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In an interview with MSNBC, Levin said, “we are celebrating life, love, community involvement, and we are doing all the things that churches are supposed to do. Because we embrace the cannabis plant as our sacrament doesn’t mean we’re bad people.” Word to big bird Levin, word. I couldn’t agree more.

[H/T: Plaid Zebra]