This Inflatable Car Mattress Is About To Revolutionize Your Nap Game

Shoutout to all the jabronies out there that are skullfucking their productivity levels by staying up late making questionable decisions late past what was a reasonable hour to hit the fucking hay; but still have to go to work the next day–this mattress contoured to fit in the back your car is about to change the lunch break nap game. Look at that lime green puppy; I would *nap that so hard. But seriously.

You can currently pick up one of these mattresses at Lightinthebox for the vaguely unreasonable price of $103.99, or if you’re spent for cash consider trying your luck over at Ebay. I don’t know about you but the era of trying to snag some shuteye while at your desk or sitting upright in your car is outdated and literally self-destructive–permanently taking a raincheck on that sore back action though. It’s time to embrace this badass ‘nappin tech’ with open, warm and gracious arms.