Bro Comes Up With Ingenious Life Hack That’ll Fix The Dents In Your Car For FREE

The Bro in this video showcased his trick using the bumper of a car, but I suspect it’ll work anywhere on your vehicle as long as it’s plastic. All you need is a pot full of boiling hot water and a shitty vehicle with a bunch of dents in it and you’re ready to go – as long as this video is to be believed, all you have to do is pour water over the dent and then mold it back into shape once the plastic has softened. Easy as cake and doesn’t cost a thing.

Unless, of course, you fuck everything up and somehow manage to dent your car even worse. In that case you’re just a failure since come on, look at how easy this is and then look at how bad you fucked it up. Literally isn’t rocket science and yet you still ruined everything. Cheers!

[H/T Mirror]