Turns Out Positive Thoughts Don’t Protect Against Fire As 40 Injured After Walking On Hot Coals At Tony Robbins Event


Hey whatever you need to believe in to motivate yourself to be the best you can be is cool with me; religion, four-leaf clovers, a weekend of getting shitfaced. Whatever it takes for you not to be a worthless bag of shit. Some people believe paying exorbitant money to see motivational speakers helps them become a better person. Seems like you could just watch some free motivational videos on YouTube over a weekend and save yourself a whole lot of money, but whatever you need to do. Motivational speaker Tony Robbins believes that he can empower individuals so greatly at his seminars that they can walk over hot coals.

Oprah did the damn thing.

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The Simpsons did the damn thing.

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Dwight Schrute did the damn thing. Well, maybe not.


The Office

Here’s what the fiery coals looked like in the “Unleash the Power Within” seminar in Dallas from 2014.

Fuck that noise. How about I just attend your inspirational conference, but skip out on that walking on fiery coals part. Looks like more people should have been a little skeptical about the whole fucking “mind over matter” bullshit because many participants were seriously injured from attempting to walk on fire.

Robbins held a four-day “Unleash the Power Within” seminar in Dallas this week and when some of them attempted to walk over a bed of hot coals they sustained injuries. So you’re saying that positive thoughts do not protect my feet from fiery coals? From the 7,000 participants (Fuck I should be motivational speaker) at the event, 40 of them were treated for burn injuries and 5 were taken by ambulance to a nearby hospital. Should have unleashed the power within your brain and not walked on blazing hot coals. “Thanks Tony Robbins! I overcame my fear of asking my boss for a raise, but now my feet are burnt to a crisp and I have to go on disability.”

The Tony Robbins website says that you “must be in a peak state,” “must control your inner dialogue” and “have absolute certainty.” I’m absolutely certain that walking on hot coals is a dumb idea.

Paul Gold of West Palm Beach, Florida, suffered second-degree burns on both of his feet that will take about two weeks to heal. The crazy part is that this dude paid $650 – $3,000 to attend the Tony Robbins event and get the soles of his feet burnt off. Damn, Tony not only burnt a hole in this dude’s feet, but also burnt a hole in his wallet.

“You can get second-degree burns! Let me show you how! For only $299.99.”

You couldn’t pay me $1,000,000 just to be at an event where I have to smell the vomit-inducing odor of burnt-to-a-crisp feet.


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