Zoo Octopus With The Skill Of Houdini And Will Of El Chapo Escaped His Aquarium And Made It Back To The Ocean

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Via The National Aquarium of New Zealand

Harry Houdini is dead and El Chapo is back in custody, but Inky the Octopus is alive and free, swimming in the ocean, octopus laughing his beak off at all of us.

That’s because he busted his ass out of his aquarium, eight-legged it across the floor, slithered down a pipe, squeezed himself through it, and got his ass to the ocean.

Not fucking shitting you.

His daring escape occurred three months ago at the National Aquarium of New Zealand, but they only went public with the news today.

(Which probably didn’t help with the search efforts.)

Inky had been with the aquarium since 2014, and was notable for his mischievousness. Which is saying a lot when it comes to octopuses, who are the magician gang banger Satanists of the ocean.

Inky jumped out of his tank when a maintenance worker left the lid open just a bit. From there, he scurried to a drain pipe where, because an octopus can squeeze through any opening the size of a quarter, easily fit through the grate. The pipe was a 164-feet long, but no problem for Inky. Because at the end of it was the ocean.

(How do prisons always seem to have one easily exploitable flaw?)

Here’s Inky’s route to freedom.


Honestly, can you even be mad?

[Via The Washington Post]

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