You’d Have To Be A Real Psychopath To Attack A Snowman Like This Woman Did, But Instant Karma Strikes Back

Snowmen are such innocent creatures as evidenced by Jack Frost (From the movie with the Michael Keaton snowman, not the serial killer snowman), Olaf, and of course Frosty. If you’re an adult and you obliterate a snowman that small children built and cherish then there are exceptional odds that you are indeed a psychopath. There’s absolutely nothing that should trigger ill feelings towards a carrot-nosed snowman. But, the human spirit can be one of misery, anger, and violence as witnessed by this woman who attacks a defenseless snowman.

This woman attempts to destroy the winter wonder man by kicking him right in the gut, but alas, the snowman is too strong for her weak thwack. The madwoman sizes up her victim by walking a half-circle around the snowman. That’s when she strikes viciously and tips the snowman and he smashes into more snowflakes than you could find at a college safe space. To add insult to frozen injury, the maniac steps on Frosty’s back and then jumps. And immediately, the universe makes things right by punishing her for her vile ways. The wicked witch falls flat on her face.

Instand karma upload complete.

I can only hope that this was Jack Frost (From the movie with serial killer snowman, not the Michael Keaton snowman) and it comes back from its cold death to haunt this dreadful woman.

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