Learn Basic Insults From All Around The World From This Video That’s Both Informative AND Offensive As F*ck

Since I know that the readers of BroBible are some of the most well traveled bros in the United States (this fact is well established), I was champing at the bit to get this video to you bros as quickly as possible. The video titled ‘Insults Around The World’ is the culmination of 11 travelers (all working for Cut Video) capturing footage of locals explaining the regional basic insults.

I don’t know about your bros but when I travel to a new (non-English speaking) country the first things I learn how to say are the following:

“How much for a beer?”
“Please” and “Thank you”
“Where can I drop the kids off at the pool?”
“What can I get for $1?”
“Do you sell this codpiece in XXXL?”
“Isn’t America the greatest country in the history of civilization?”
“Where do the college chicks hang out?”
And last but not least: “How much is that in American?”

After I’ve nailed down those essential colloquialisms I then begin learning the local insults, because there’s no better way to ingratiate yourself with the locals than to bust their balls. That’s why this ‘Insults Around The World‘ is perfect, because it knocks out the local insults for 11 places across the globe.

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