Very Cool Interactive Map Shows Where You’re Most Likely To Spot A UFO In America

Considering the massive amount of UFO data gathered by California-based technology company FindTheBest you would think that aliens are living in just about every county in the United States. Because there is hardly a corner of the country in which an unidentified flying object hasn’t been reported.

So if you’re into that sort of thing this interactive map of UFO sightings put together by FindTheBest might be a good starting point for your next move or road trip.

The only problem I see here is, if there are so many reported UFO sightings then where are my damn aliens?! I want to see an alien!

As Lane Allison of FindTheBest tells Huffington Post

“What we learned through our research is that, in fact, most UFO sightings aren’t actually reported, and between 98-99 percent of those that are reported can be explained by natural phenomena, whether by shooting stars or even a flock of birds. So we wanted to give more of a per capita [per person] number, which is why we created the per capita statistics,” she said.

Peter Davenport, director of the National UFO Reporting Center (NUFORC) in Washington state, also had this to say…

“It’s impossible for me or any other UFO investigator to separate the incoming cases into definitely UFOs or definitely not UFOs,” Davenport told HuffPost. “I would say 60 to 80 percent are cases where all you have is a question mark after you’ve read the case. Was it a UFO or was it a seagull?”

NUFORC was the source of information used by FindTheBest to create the interactive UFO sightings map.

One thing’s for sure, The Truth Is Out There and according to this map, if you’re looking for it, you might want to start in the West.

Check out even more details on their findings over at HuffPo.

UFO image by Shutterstock