The Internet’s Craziest Possibilities for What Happened to Malaysia Airline Flight 370 Are Downright Terrifying

Someone posed this simple question to Reddit: What is the craziest way the mystery of Flight 370 could end?

And the internet went wild. Some of these possibilities left me in chills.

That its just viral marketing for a LOST sequel.

Mine is: they land in Beijing as originally scheduled (just a week later), refuse to answer any questions whatsoever, and the pilot just says “sorry we’re late.” Or they don’t even recognize that they’re late. From their perspective the ride was completely normal, then they land and everyone is telling them that they are a week late. How creepy would that be?

The plane appears in the sky above Beijing. Air traffic control recognizes it as the missing plane and immediately clears the way for it to land. The plane touches down, taxis off the Tarmac, accompanied by a fleet of emergency vehicles. Stairs are brought alongside. The door of the plane opens. Absolutely nobody is inside. The plane is completely empty.

The plane landed safely in Beijing. They found us and all the rest of humanity dead.

Every few days a Passenger is discovered in a random country all over the world. They all have no memories of the flight at all. The plane is never found. To add another twist: Every one of them mentions things that contradict history, such as saying that the Berlin Wall still exists or that there’s an unified Korea.

The Malaysian Air Force / Navy shot it down on accident and have been covering it up the whole time to prevent an incident with China.

The plane is found crash landed on an uninhabited island but still intact. The entire crew and passengers are gone. On the side of the plane written in blood: “CROATOAN”.

The plane hit a time warp and ended up at the begging of the Egyptian empire. The people from the flight used their knowledge of the future, to help the Egyptians, with technology. The Egyptians saw these people as gods and the plane as a chariot of descending from the clouds. The Egyptian made hieroglyphics telling this story.

The two Iranian passengers hijacked the plane by using sarin gas, killing all souls on board instantly. This might explain the garbled transmission heard by that Japanese airliner at the time communications ceased. They then cut communications (except they didn’t know or were unable to shut the engine “ping” off), lowered altitude to conserve fuel, and flew all the way to Iran. Upon landing, the plane was ushered into a hanger where the bodies were removed, the cell phones destroyed, and the plane began it’s conversion into a giant chemical weapon. Said weapon will be unleashed in conjunction with Putin’s invasion of Ukraine to distract the West from counter-attack. Iran will attack Iraq with the goal of assisting Assad in Syria, and use of it’s new chemical missile will be unleashed on some western target resulting in mass casualties or possibly even in Northern rebel held Syria. It will be blamed as a “terrorist” action, so none of the parties involved will have any culpability. North Korea will attack, including tactical nuke strikes. This will tie up the United States military on multiple fronts; N. Korea, Ukraine, Afghanistan, and Nato. The target of the missile plane is Mecca, destroying the Temple that is in Islam the symbol of the beginning of the apocalypse, and resulting in a full blown Shia-Sunni jihad. WW3 and with nukes. Though just the little guys…until somebody starts losing badly.

My vote is the last one.