Here’s What Happens When You Throw A Flaming Molotov Cocktail At The New iPhone 7

The iPhone 7 is widely reported to be an improvement on its predecessors. It doesn’t yet offer all of the features that iPhone users are looking for in a phone but it’s a vast improvement on the iPhones of yesteryear.

In an effort to test just how rugged and robust the new iPhone 7 is the bros over at the FullMag YouTube channel took a flaming Molotov Cocktail and threw it at the phone. The iPhone 7’s never claimed to be flame-retardant, nor should it, because the new iPhone is absolutely no match for one of the most destructive homemade weapons on the planet.


Completely toasted.

For some reason this video’s like 8 1/2 minutes long when the action only takes up the first 2 minutes of the clip, so if you’re watching and waiting for more action to happen then know that everything you needed to see took place before the 2:12 mark.

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