Is ‘Bros On Brooms’ The 2015 Equivalent Of Planking Or The Leisure Dive?

by 5 years ago
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Bros On Brooms

Bros, do you remember The Leisure Dive? Like Bros Icing Bros in 2010, The Leisure Dive was a huge viral trend amongst the Bros of the world during the summer of 2011. It was stupidly simple, as these things usually are:  Bros would have their picture snapped mid-air while leisurely falling into a pool. The more ridiculous, the better. I.E.:


The Leisure Dive

The Leisure Dive, planking, and Bros Icing Bros have all enjoyed their time in the sun before inevitably fading away. But now a new trend has arrived. It’s called “Bros on Brooms” and the Instagram of Bros getting their Harry Potter/quidditch on just might be The Leisure Dive or planking of 2015.

Majestic as fuck. Is Bros on brooms the big thing of 2015?

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