Dumbass ISIS Fighter Almost Blows Himself Up (And Others) With Stupid Suicide Belt ‘Prank’

british isis fighter idiot


Another day, another image of a clueless ISIS fighter doing something stupid.

This time the dope in question almost managed to blow himself and his other knuckle-headed compatriots up in the name of a … prank.

According to the Daily Mail, the genius in this video is a 19-year-old college dropout from North London named Gezim Klokoci, now known as Abu Waqqas al-Albani.

In the video we see Klokoci pull the pin on a suicide belt then drop it down a stairwell and run for cover. The resulting explosion rains down masonry and clouds of dust as his moron buddies laugh it up.

The video was well received by ISIS supporter with another fighter commenting: ‘Hahaha the kuffar (disbelievers) will poo themselves jus seein the video never mind comin near us.’

The ridiculously dangerous stunt is thought to have been filmed by a second British fighter known only as Abu Saleh al-Britani.

It seems Klokoci is not the only pranksters among his new ISIS friends, with one of his fellow fighters jokingly trolling him on social media by uploading two embarrassing pictures of him as a young boy.

Yes, those ISIS guys, such wacky pranksters.

The Daily Mail also reports that one former classmate had this to say about Klokoci, “He wasn’t very bright, I recall when the Hobbit movie first came out, he said it was made by the illuminati and he wasn’t joking either.”

Not very bright? Now there’s a shocker.

Oh yeah, so, did you poo yourself “jus seein the video?”

Didn’t think so.

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