ISIS Claims Responsibility For The Christmas Market Truck Crash In Berlin Where 9 People Were Killed And 50 Injured

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The New York Post and the Washington Times are reporting that ISIS has taken responsibility for the incident where a truck plowed into a popular Christmas market in Berlin, Germany.

The crash, which seems increasingly more like a terrorist attack, saw at least nine people die and over 50 injured.

The Iraqi Popular Mobilization Force tweeted that the Islamic State took credit for the incident that happened at Breitscheidplatz, one of Berlin’s largest Christmas markets.

A German intelligence official told CNN said the crash “is now being investigated as if it were a terrorist attack.”

The driver of the truck has been arrested by police and a passenger of the vehicle died during the crash.

An eyewitness said the truck seemed to be going about 40 mph and made no attempts to slow down or avoid people at the popular market.

“Police in Berlin are now saying this was probably deliberate, an attack,” Reporter Laura Bundock said on Sky News.

This does drudge up dreadful memories of the truck attack in Nice, France in July where 85 people were killed in a violent act of terrorism on Bastille Day.

This comes on the same day when Russian ambassador Andrei Karlov was fatally shot at an art exhibit in Ankara by a Turkish police officer.

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