ISIS’s Newest, Most Terrifying Spokesman Used To Sell Moon Bounces (That’s Right, Moon Bounces)


NY Post

The fear ISIS attempts to engender in the world with its propaganda videos can be easily mitigated when you realizes the group is nothing but a bunch of middle-aged losers who were bummed out and stuck in second tier shit jobs and have tried to reinvent themselves as terrifying jihadis.

No dif than a sad bald man buying a convertible, except with more senseless violence.

Case in point, ISIS just released a new video where they killed five Westerners suspected of being spies. The ringleader in the video? Frightening militant? Or dude who used to sell bouncy castles for kid parties.

The masked militant in an Islamic State video showing the killing of five men accused by the group of being Western spies is believed to be a Londoner known as Sid who once sold inflatable bounce houses.

Siddhartha Dhar, who left Britain for Syria while on police bail after his arrest on suspicion of belonging to a banned group and encouraging terrorism, has been identified by media as the spokesman in the militant organization’s latest film.

British newspapers said he used to sell children’s inflatable bounce houses, known as bouncy castles in Britain, and was a fan of Arsenal soccer club and the rock group Nirvana.

LOL. Mother fucker slang bouncy castles. This bouncy castle is very bouncy. Your child will love it. Death to America and death to kid’s parties that are not fun.

Friendly reminder that the majority of ISIS members aren’t really aggrieved humans with a legitimate argument against Westernization but suburban losers with torture porn fetishes.

Fuck ’em. Hey may claim to be the new Jihadi John, but he’ll always be Sid the Salesman.

[Via The New York Post]

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