Harvard Isn’t The First Or Second Ivy League School Employers Want To See Most On Resumes

All this time I thought Harvard was the gold standard in terms of Ivy League schools for getting hired and being successful in life. I was wrong. According to Indeed’s data — based on 10,000 Ivy League resumes — graduates from two schools not named Harvard are getting called back the most.

Via Moneyish:

Graduates from the University of Pennsylvania who post their resumes on Indeed.com get the most call-backs from potential employers (30.6% higher than average for an Ivy grad). That’s followed closely by Yale (30.4%). Columbia (20.8%), Harvard (12.3%) and Cornell (.54%) come in third, fourth and fifth, respectively. Meanwhile, Princeton had the fewest callbacks (48.3% less than average), followed by Brown (-26.4%) Dartmouth (-20.1%).

Goddammit. I knew I should have went to UPenn when I had the chance. (Note: I never had the chance.)

In somewhat related news, these are the top degrees/majors you should pursue if you want to get hired in 2017 and beyond. According to the National Association of Colleges and Employers:

MBA: 26.4% will hire

Finance: 25%

Accounting: 23.6%

Computer Science: 22.9%

Information Sciences & Systems: 18.8%

Computer Engineering: 18.1%

Management Information Systems: 15.3%

Marketing: 15.3%

Electrical Engineering: 15.3%

Mechanical Engineering: 15.3%

Kind of interesting that if you pay all that money for an MBA you only have a 26.5% chance of getting hired by most employers. Almost doesn’t seem worth it.