This Three-Year-Old With Washboard Abs And Bazooka Biceps Makes Me Feel Good About My Man Boobs

by 3 years ago

jacked todder

I woke up this morning thinking to myself: “I could kick the shit out of every toddler on the planet.” The fight would be over before it even started. I’m bigger, faster, stronger, and probably more intelligent than every little shit in diapers. Honestly though, for all you three-year-olds reading this, first off, that’s impressive, but more importantly if you step to me you’re going you may need to watch Dora the Explorer out of your less swollen eye. RING THE FUCKING BELL.

But then I learned of this three-year-old Australian bro named Dash.

Dash still wears diapers but is shredded like aged parmesan.

See for yourself if you’re looking to feel emasculated.

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