That Japanese Earthquake Coughed Up A Fish That Looks Like A Demon Dipped In Radioactive Sludge



In the past week Japan was rocked by two of the strongest earthquakes to ever hit the tiny island nation, the first registering a deadly 6.5-magnitude and the second coming 28 hours later tipping the scales at a catastrophic 7.3-magnitude.

Over 1,200 people were injured between the two earthquakes, an unfathomable amount of property damage hit Japan, and not least of all the fiery depths of Hell coughed up a 16-foot-long oarfish that looks like a nightmarish demon sat in a jacuzzi full of toxic sludge and then had sex with a mutant hellhound.

Photos of this rarely seen giant oarfish have been making the rounds as marine biologists and fish enthusiasts worldwide are totally blown away by this monstrosity:

The DailyStar reports:

This giant oarfish measures a massive five metres (16ft) long – almost three times to height of the fisherman who landed the catch.
And the so-called “earthquake fish” is freaking locals out after emerging just two hours after seismic activity struck island nation Taiwan.
According to folklore, it is said to appear just before a quake hits – sending people into a panic.
Also dubbed the “king of herrings”, oarfish can reach a mammoth 11 metres (36ft) in length.
The sea beast, was captured in waters off Taiwan’s eastern Kangle Village, in Hualien County.
Although oarfish are traditionally a bad omen it was a lucky haul for the fisherman after he chopped up the trophy catch and turned it into soup.

While giant oarfish are rare it’s not totally unheard of to see them wash up on beaches every now and then. Their elongated bodies and ghoulish teeth give them the appearance of a demon, a much more terrifying facade than your average fish. There’s no word yet on whether or not the actual gates to Hell are off the coast of Japan, because that’s where this fish clearly emerged from. But as news begins to emerge over the coming days I’ll be sure to update you bros.

As for how good giant oarfish taste when cooked I cannot tell you, because I’ve never eaten one. If you’re looking for tasty fish though you should check out my totally legit ranking of The 25 Best Tasting Fish in the World.

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