This Guy Was Jealous That His Wife Paid More Attention To Their Dog Than Him So DUH He Had Sex With The Dog


Via Dothan Eagle

If the logic in this news story checks out, whenever we’re jealous of something the best route to remedy the situation is to have sex with whatever said thing is. Jealous that your parents pay more attention to your siblings than you? Bone your parents! Mad that the lady who just passed you on the interstate has a nicer car than you? Stick your dick in the tailpipe of the car and call it a day. I can’t tell you how having sex with people places and things will solve your problems, but maybe Jonathan Edward Medley, 39, knows something I don’t. After all he did have sex with a dog because he was jealous that his wife paid more attention to the poor pup than him…but he wound up in jail for doing it doggy style, so maybe not.

[Police Captain] Morgan said Medley’s wife first reported the offense to the Geneva Police Department on Thursday.
“He was mad at his wife because she paid more attention to the dog than him so he had sex with the dog,” Morgan said. “She actually thought he was having an affair with another woman and hid a recording device. She learned he was in fact molesting the dog.”(via)


Morgan said the victim of the crime was a male Shih Tzu belonging to his wife. He said the dog suffered injuries from the offense, and was taken to a local veterinarian for treatment. Morgan said the injuries suffered by the dog might lead to euthanization.(via)

Since there is no longer a bestiality law in Alabama (which begs another question as to WHY you would repeal such a law) Medley was only charged with a misdemeanor.

[H/T Dothan Eagle]