Man In A Jeep Teaches A Corvette Driver Why You Should Never Park Like A Douche



A++ work to this Jersey bro with a muddy Jeep why you should never park like an asshole. Redditor AnotherCJMajor was coming back from “off-roading up north” when he got stuck in a two-hour clusterfuck of North Jersey traffic. He pulled into a “semi-busy restaurant” only to find this jack-hole in a Corvette parked in a way that takes up two spaces. “Pssshhhh, I’ll show him,” he said, pulling his Jeep right over the curb to park in a way that will make this man’s life a very confusing hell for a couple of seconds. In his own words:

I was stuck in traffic for 2 hours here in NJ and when I got to where I wanted to eat I saw this in a semi-busy parking lot. I figured I’d do this because I wasn’t taking up two spaces and fuck people like this. The reaction on his face when he got laughed at going in his car was priceless.

Point, set, match. How’s that karma taste? And fuck people who park like this.

[H/T: Uproxx]