I Love That Amazon’s Founder Just Offered To Shoot Donald Trump Into Space


Yes. Just say yes, Donald Trump! Do it. Get on this rocket like the nice man from Amazon asked you, blast off, and please never let us hear a single one of your nonsensical thoughts ever again. Do it for the Trump name. Do it for America.

If you’re a bit lost as to why why the CEO and Founder of Amazon, one of the most profitable companies in the history of the world, offered Donald Trump a one-way ticket to outer space never to be heard from again, well, it probably has something to do with these tweets attacking the Jeff Bezos-owned Washington Post that the Donald sent this morning.



If you’re keeping track, that was before Trump offered up a policy proposal to ban anyone of the Muslim faith from entering United States borders, which is, you know, in complete violation of the Constitution.

Bezos’ awesome dig at Donald Trump was only the fourth tweet he’s sent out from his account since joining Twitter in 2008. He couldn’t have made a better suggestion in my humble opinion. Definitely a step towards “making America great again.”


Maybe offer Kim Kardashian a complimentary seat, too?

[h/t The Verge]