Pizza Delivery Bro Overwhelmed With Emotion When He Receives A Life-Changing Tip After Falling On Hard Times

One pizza delivery driving Bro had his life changed in a big way a few days ago, when, despite not wanting to, Jeff Louis pulled himself out of bed early after his workplace, Gionino’s pizza shop in Mentor, Ohio, phoned him with some early delivery requests.

Little did the 22-year-old – who admits to struggling with drug addiction – know about what the day held for him: a ton of positive vibes by way of some strangers’ kindness and generosity, and an amazing tip that will hopefully pave the way for him put his life back together.

Apparently, the pastor at Life Point Church had planned to invoke the holiday spirit and tip Jeff Louis $100, which he did, but afterwards members of the congregation generously followed in the act, ultimately sending the Bro on his way with more than $700. And man, the emotion on his face in that video makes me believe it’s going to be used for something positive.

The story is now on its way to very, very viral, and it’s pretty easy to see why. Doesn’t matter that it was a church or anything, but it simply illustrates that just the smallest bit of kindness, even to a stranger, can make this crazy world we live in a much, much better place. Some of the comments on the original video are incredibly inspiring, as well.

Jeff Louis, we wish you all the best, bro.

[via YouTube h/t Inquistr]