Girls Admit On Live TV They’re Wearing Diapers In Times Square For NYE, Shout Out To Beyoncé!

NYE Diapers

Do you want to see commitment to the New Year’s Eve game? Because this is it right here!

No need to look any further than these chicks that rang in the new year in Times Square last Thursday night doing exactly what it took to maintain a front row spot, securing a once in a lifetime interview with Jenny McCarthy because LOL.

Why go to a bar and spend hundreds of dollars on one of those all-inclusive kind of deals when you can stand outside on a freezing cold New York City night for hours on end – thanks to the genius of diapers – and give a shout-out to Beyoncé live on television!? Insane. Genius, but still insane.

But really, here’s hoping our editor Matt Keohan can land a date with one of these fine Georgia peaches. Something tells me they’re his type, no questions asked.


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