AWESOME ‘John Wick’ Nerf Parody Is Your Video Of The Day

by 1 year ago

The movie John Wick is known for its exceptional badassery with guns. Lots and lots and lots of guns. But what if John Wick was only armed with Nerf guns? Turns out it would still be extraordinary.

Using the same mesmerizing gunplay, the fine folks over at Corridor created this amazing parody video of John Wick. The video features the same assassin versus assassin shootouts as well as some spellbinding gun choreography. Except the killers are equipped with foam-firing firearms. Headshots look a bit different from hot lead to spongy darts bouncing off a bad guy’s nose.

How does Nerf not buy this as the best toy gun commercial as all-time?

If you like this video, check out Corridor’s other Nerf parodies including Overwatch.

And Nerf Team Fortress.

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