This Unofficial Johnnie Walker Commercial About Two Brothers Will Give You Chills

We live in an era of amazing booze commercials: Nick Offerman drinking scotch by a fire in silence, Bruce Lee’s official Johnnie Walker “Game Changer” commercial, the amazing Budweiser anti-drinking-and-driving ad spots. This breathtaking tribute to Johnnie Walker isn’t even from Johnnie Walker — It’s from fans of the drink who just wanted to pay homage to a noble product of Scotland.

It will leave you with chills and possibly tears. Here’s the poem written out:

Walking the roads of our youth,
Through the land of our childhood, our home, and our truth,
Be near me, guide me, always stay beside me so I can be free.
Let’s roam this place, familiar and vast,
Our playground of green frames, our past,
We were wanderers. Never lost, always home,
And every place was fenceless and time was endless.
Our ways were always the same.
Calm my demons and walk with me brother,
Until our roads lead us away from each other.
And if your heart’s full of sorrow, keep walking. Don’t rest.
And promise me from heart to chest to never let your memories,
Die. Never.
I will always be alive and by your side. In your mind,
I am free.

Suddenly a feel a trip to Scotland coming on. Or at least a trip to the liquor store for a taste of Scotland.

Cheers, Bros. Cheers.

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