One-Legged Paralympian Skier Famous For His Outlandish Halloween Costumes One-Upped Himself This Year

One-legged Paralympic ski racer Josh Sundquist has been winning Halloween for years now. His Halloween costumes are so amazing that this is actually the third year in a row that we’ve covered them here on BroBible. Before we get to this year’s costume, here’s a quick rundown of Josh’s previous costumes, starting back in 2010:



This year Josh has decided to go as Lumiere, the candelabra maitre d’ from Beauty and the Beast…Being a candelabra is in fact the PERFECT costume for a man withe one leg, as you can see:

Other than knowing that Josh Lundquist is a paralympic ski racer I truly have no idea what this guy does the other 364 days of the year when he isn’t going over the top for Halloween. He’s like the Joan Rivers of one-legged Halloween costumes, he shows up in the news for 1 day a year and we love him for it. His blog states that he’s a MOTIVATIONAL SPEAKER, like Matt Foley in that van over yonder close to the river. So I can’t help but wonder how he got into the wide world of ridiculous Halloween costumes when his background is a one-legged motivational speaker who moonlights as a Paralympic Skier…So many questions.

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