When Mankind Ends, And All That’s Left Is Kangaroos, This Is What The Last Surviving Humans Will See

by 3 years ago

When the animal apocalypse arrives, and it will arrive, this is what the Earth will look like. Dark, foggy, covered in kangaroos. The last few humans will be in hiding, afraid to step outside and be slaughtered by the hordes of nature. If they ever do, risking life to scrounge for bits of food, this is what they’ll see.

In 10,000 years, kangaroos will have overrun Australia and will begin migrating to Southeast Asia, having evolved the ability to hop insanely long distances, using water’s natural tension to bounce across the surface and off to new continents.

Squids will attack them, leaping far out of the water, growing larger and stronger as they begin to feast on mammal flesh for the first time.

In North and South America, the bears will reign supreme, the only surviving animal to master the use of discarded firearms people left behind.

The world will be a scary, scary place.

[Via Bob’s Blitz]


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