Kangaroo Gets Its Head Stuck In A Bucket, Has To Be Saved By People

by 4 years ago


That right there is a kangaroo with a bucket stuck on its head.

What follows below are three more photos of a kangaroo with a bucket stuck on its head. That are quite enjoyable to look at.





I wish I could show you photos of that all day. But unfortunately those are the only ones I have. They come from a segment on Australia’s Today show about a kangaroo with a bucket stuck on its head. Here’s the story, from Adelaide Now, about a kangaroo with a bucket stuck on its head:

Local Ian Berry, who snapped pictures of the kangaroo rescue, could not believe his eyes.

“I’d just finished a round of golf and then we spotted this big kangaroo in the paddock with its head in a watering can,” Mr Berry said.

“I got out to check if it was stuck and it certainly was.”

While Mr Berry was checking on the kangaroo, fellow Coffin Bay locals Rob Smith and Steve Dew, who had spotted the roo earlier, had returned with rope and tin cutters with the aim to set the marsupial free.

They tried this maneuver first.


“They used rope first … one had rope tied around the can and the other had the roo’s tail and they tried pulling but it didn’t work,” Mr Berry said.

No, that didn’t work at all. But it gave us that picture.

Eventually, the two got close enough to snip the tin off and the kangaroo hopped away, no worse for the wear.

Silly kangaroos.