Enraged Jesus Freak Goes Off On Katy Perry’s Dad Because His Daughter Has ‘Sex With Demons’

Christine Weick is an extremely devout and outspoken Christian as well as an “activist,” which unfortunately in this day and time isn’t the same position of enlightenment and fighting for positive social change as it once did. Instead, it means that you scream the loudest, perform outlandish stunts with little or no moral value behind it or make a viral video because you act like an obnoxious cumstain. This lunatic is extremely anti-gay, anti-Muslim and anti-energy drink. You may remember Christine from last year, when she went on a rant on how Monster energy drinks were the work of the devil.

In her latest viral publicity stunt she verbally accosts Keith Hudson, Katy Perry’s father. It’s a rather peculiar move by Weick since Hudson is on the same team as Christine. Hudson is an evangelical minister.

Hudson describes himself as follows on his website:

An end-time messenger, the Lord uses Keith to expose and dispel spiritual lethargy, urging and exhorting ministers and laymen alike. The Holy Spirit rends hearts and causes God’s people to once again consider their ways and turn away from self, sin and distractions and back to the Lord.

Seems like these two religious individuals should get along splendidly, but alas that is not the case. The video begins with Weick approaching Katy Perry’s parents and sweetly asking, “Mr. and Mrs. Hudson! You’re the daughter of Katy Perry.” Then Weick goes on the warpath. She blasts Hudson for his daughter’s satanic behavior.

She goes all Old Testament on poor ole Keith and tells him that he’s going to Hell because of his daughter’s career. If any father should go to Hell for their daughter’s music career, I think you have to put Billy Ray Cyrus numero uno.

Weick has disowned her own son, because he apparently watched a Katy Perry music video (Which totally sounds real Christian-like). Christine should check her son’s browser history, I’m sure there’s far, far more damning viewing habits that rhyme with “HornPub.” “Because I am rebuking you because my kid watches your kid’s videos and it’s sending him to Hell because of the choice he made because of your daughter and your lack of discernment and direction,” Weick shrieks.

Weick screams that Katy Perry’s last music video was for “ET.” Bitch, if you’re going to denounce KP, at least get your fucking facts straight, everybody knows that “This Is How We Do” was Katy’s last music video.

“I watched the video ‘ET’ made by your daughter,” Weick informs Hudson. “She’s having a sex with demons on the video!”

Dafug? I watched the whole damn video for Katy Perry demon sex and there was not one incubus or succubus having sex with Katy Perry. Not even a beelzebub blowjob. Guess I have to go on RedTube now because I’m sure “Demon Sex” is an actual category.

“You’re the father of Katy Perry – do you know that she is one of the most wicked people – she is a satanic woman who has led millions to Hell!” Needless to say, Weick is not a KatyCat (That’s what Katy Perry fans are called, and I really, really shouldn’t know that tidbit).

How is this condescending twatwaffle gonna say that she doesn’t tap her toes and sing the chorus to Katy Perry’s “Firework.”