This Video Of Insults A Four-Year-Old Says To Her Mom Makes You Realize You Were 100x Funnier As A Kid



I’m told that children have no filters, and while that little tidbit is undoubtedly true it also means that 50% of the time I’m still a child. If someone asks me if their shirt is ugly, all tact goes out the window and my response is typically along the lines of,

“I’ve seen homeless people wearing nicer clothes than that sack you’re wearing.”

Kids are the same way, albeit they’re more prone to just blurting out whatever pops into their head rather than being prompted for a response. Take for example Johanna Stein, whose daughter asks “Can I have your iPad when you die?” and “Are you gonna make yourself pretty today or are you gonna look like you always do?” If this video isn’t a reason to use birth control, I don’t know what is.

[Header image via Shutterstock]