This Kid Is The Michael Jordan Of Street Fighters

Now I am definitely not trying to glorify cowardly fuckwads who sucker punch people from behind, but with that being said, this was a pretty electrifying punch.

This wild fracas went down in the middle of a street with a bunch of teens. A shirtless lad was getting his face bashed in and was stupefied. He was on the pavement dazed for a few seconds and managed to get enough consciousness to get up.

That’s when the guy that had already gave the shirtless dude a beat down ran up behind him and sucker punched him. However it was not your typical sucker punch, the kid sprinted, jumped with legs spread eagle and cold-cocked the kid in the back of the head.

And one.

While it might not have had the air that Michael Jordan’s infamous free throw line dunk, it was pretty thunderous.