10-Year-Old Idiot Who Still Believed In Santa Pens Scathing Letter To Parents When They Tell Her The Truth

by 3 years ago
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Kids are so goddamn stupid. If those little shitheads took their fingers out of their noses for one moment to think logically for a second, they would understand the utter absurdity of Santa. Just one millisecond of critical thinking. It’s actually kind of infuriating that they are convinced that after hundreds of years on the job, that fat bastard hasn’t figured out a more practical way to forcefully entering someone’s house than going down the goddamn chimney shoot. Hey Santy, ever heard of a crowbar? Bottom line is that Santa’s story has more holes than the front page of PornHub and anyone who can’t see that is a moron.

That’s why I have no sympathy for this 10-year-old little tike who sounded off on her parents for dropping the truth bomb that Santa isn’t real.


The photo was posted on Facebook by the girl’s mother accompanied with the below caption.


You have nothing to feel bad about, Nicki. Belle is just a little bitter that in 10 years (3,650 days), she wasn’t able to figure out that 350-pound reindeer can’t fly. It’s called Physics, Belle. Heard of it??

P.S. I believed in Santa until I was like 16. It legit rocked my entire existence. Erroneous.

[h/t LADbible]

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