This Female Reporter Going HAM, Dropping A ‘Thanks A Lot, Bitch,’ Was The Real Hero Of The Presidential Debate

Forget Trump. Forget Hillary. The true shining light this country might be able to get behind after the first Presidential debate is Al Jazeera English reporter Kimberly Halkett.

For you see, prior the debate even starting, Halkett had already made the internet and especially Twitter fall in love with her as she attempted to get an interview with Mark Cuban.

Problem is, so was about every other reporter and Halkett did not take too kindly to being shoved, telling another reporter, “Thanks a lot, bitch!”

Needless to say, as I mentioned, Kimberly Halkett immediately became Twitter’s favorite part of the debate before it had even started.

I think I would vote for her over either one of the candidates we have available right now.

H/T Some eCards