Ladies Shared Stories Of The Most Obvious Hints They’d Dropped On Dudes That Went Unnoticed

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Some guys are just oblivious. A lady could spend the entire night throwing hints at him and those signals would go right over his head. I’ve known people like this back in college. We’re here today to look at some stories from women who threw incredibly obvious hints at men that they were interested, hints that went unnoticed. A bunch of ladies shared their sad stories and if you are an oblivious male then you need to take notes here (via AskReddit):

My current boyfriend and I started out in this weird friends that flirt stage. I was trying to find a way to get him to make a move. One very hot evening (middle of august) we were sitting in his backyard with a few of our friends drinking beer. I sat on the SAME lawn chair as him, kind of wiggled in, and said “I’m cold”.
He left me alone in the chair and proceeded to build a giant fire. It took like an hour. When he was finished making the fire he sat back down in a DIFFERENT lawn chair.

…To be fair, every man alive jumps at the chance to make a good camp fire.

I was living with my then-boyfriend a few years ago. Feeling a little flirtatious, I suggested we could take a shower together, you know, to save water, wink wink.
His response? “Why? We don’t pay for water.”
Shut. Down.

A friend (now boyfriend of 7 years) asked what I wanted to do that night. I said “you”. He didn’t even seem to register what I had said. He was like we should go see x movie.

Him: “I dont want to pressure you, but it’s pretty late and I think you should spend the night. My couch is super comfortable and I can make it up for you if you’d like.’
Me: “Maybe I could sleep in your bed with you.”
Him: “I promise the couch isn’t bad”

My fiance and I were chatting on FB Messenger near the start of our relationship and it went something like this:
Him: I haven’t had sex in 2 years
Me: That’s quite a streak, I’d hate to mess it up 😉
Him: Yeah it’s been awhile
Wait, what

I started talking to a guy who was behind on Game Of Thrones. So I offered to give him my HBO password so we could watch it at his place, thinking it would be a good excuse to hang out. He ends up marathoning the show without me. We’re dating now, but he sure as hell not watch season 7 without me

I was laying down on a bench with my head in his lap talking about our previous /experiences/ (this was high school) and he told me he had never had a bj before. I told him, with my head in his crotch, that I could blow his mind. Nothing. Crickets.

Hitting on my now boyfriend of three years. I was complimenting him on how handsome he was and how he had beautiful eyes. I wanted a closer view of them so he texted me this creepy ass shot of his eyeball with his eye as widely opened as possible. He legitimately thought that’s what I wanted.

I stripped completely naked, played sexy music and started rubbing his shoulders.
He didn’t even turn around and just asked if I wanted to order pizza for dinner…

Me: I think you’re really cute and I like you. A lot.
Him:…. uh, thanks.

I told my boyfriend to get naked and he responded “YOU get naked” so I said “Okay. I will if you’re nice to me 😉 “. He laughed and went to sleep. Guess he didn’t want to be nice ._.

After a conversation with my boyfriend about not being obvious enough when trying to initiate sex, I decided to entice him by posing naked on the corner of the bed and seductively whispering “Hey, you” as he walked in the room.
His reaction? He walks in the room, gives me a bro nod, and says, “Hey, babe! I gotta poop.”
We did NOT end up having sex that night.

One day shortly before my husband returned home from work I stripped down and put on one of his button up shirts, jumped in to bed, sat all sexy like and waited for him to get home. He gets home and walks in to the bedroom. Boom! Naked wife with her boobs hanging out of your shirt, I thought I was being obvious.
Nope. He lays in bed next to me, talks about his day and looks to be getting ready for a nap. I thought, “Oh, maybe he’s super tired. I’ll catch him after his nap.” I jump out of bed, but some pants and a shirt on and go down the hallway to fold laundry.
Not but a couple minutes later my husband comes running down the hallway before coming to screeching halt in front of me, he’s doing his best to be smooth with a hint of awkward. He didn’t realize I was initiating sexy time at all. He pulled out all his best moves and dragged me back in to the bedroom.
TL;DR – Sat in front of my husband mostly naked, he didn’t realize I was initiating sexy time.

NotReady2Adult 6429 points 14 hours ago*
I told him he could come home with me after the movie and show me a move we saw during a sex scene. He didn’t go home with me. I don’t think it was because he found me unattractive, but I can’t be sure anymore.

I was at a party drinking with a guy I had a bit of a crush on. We were joking around and I told him to touch my boob, because he jokingly accused me of padding my bra (since they’re quite large).
He DID touch them for a second, but then he just kept going on with the conversation. I figured he wasn’t interested and I got over it.
I think he realized his mistake cause he always made it a point to like everything I post on facebook.

I was staying the night at a female friend’s house. I had a huge crush on her and it was the first night sleeping in the same bed.
Her: Just so you know, jeans aren’t allowed in my bed. You have to take the off.
Me: Hahaha that’s a dumb rule keeps them on
That one still stings

We were married two full years before I finally understood that if she took a bath at night I was going to get some. Watched a lot of baseball while she lay sparkling clean in bed alone.

My ex boyfriend was pretty reserved and had limited experience with girls when I first met him. It took forever for it to click with him that I was into him. I would convince him to sleep over at my place or let me sleep at his to “snuggle”. I would wear nothing but a t-shirt and panties. I would literally press my body up against his and talk to him with our faces an inch apart. I would whisper in his ear and rest my hand on his thigh an inch away from his package.
It took over a month of this before he realized I wasn’t just being “friendly”!

We were leaving the beach, and I decided to try the change the suit under the towel trick. Keeping eye contact, I told him if I messed up and flashed him, I hope he likes what he sees. He promptly turned around to give me privacy. I kissed him later that night-he got that one 😉

The oblivious guy’s perspective…

Sighs So I’ve actually had sex with a girl before realizing she was actually into me.
She knocks on my dorm room door wearing a miniskirt and carrying a chocolate cake (a whole chocolate cake) and says she just baked it and was wondering if I’d like to try some. I tell her that I’m not a big fan of chocolate (crushing her) but was intelligent enough to add that I’d like try it anyway. We set the cake aside. I invite her in and she asks what I’m up to.
I tell her the truth, that I was about to start watching V for Vendetta, and she squeals that she loves that movie and asks if she can watch it with me. We lay down on my unfolded futon and start watching it together under a blanket (this was in the dead of Boston winter).
We’re watching the movie and she starts making all these comments about Hugo Weaving. “I love Hugo Weaving so much.” “God, Hugo Weaving is so hot.” “Man, Hugo Weaving makes me so horny.” And all this time I’m like “yeah he’s a great actor I loved him in the Matrix.”
Maybe 20 minutes pass by and all of a sudden I feel her rubbing up against me and she’s, well, touching herself. “Sorry, I hope you don’t mind, I just got really horny and couldn’t help myself.” And here I am thinking I’m the luckiest dope in the world and I’m so glad I picked a movie that had Hugo Weaving in it. Of course I say something like “oh, uh, that’s OK. I understand. I have actresses that really do that for me, too.” And I do absolutely nothing because I still don’t get that she’s coming onto me.
Another ten minutes of this pass before she just turns to me and asks “Can I suck your dick?”
And my mind– my very underdeveloped pathetic mind– my very first thoughts were “Hugo Weaving is such a great wingman” and “Damn talk about being in the right place at the right time.” It took me another year before I realized it was all a ruse to get to me and I could have been watching any damn movie at all the whole time with more or less the same result.

Well, bros, that wraps up the coverage from my end but if you want to keep on reading these AskReddit stories you can CLICK HERE to see that thread in full!

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