Watch This Crazy Lady Spaz Out On Taco Bell Employees For Messing Up Her Order

Ok, not much context here but I think it’s safe to take the customer’s word as gospel, considering she seems completely sane…

If that is in fact the third time in a row she’s been to that Taco Bell and they’ve fucked up her order, she simply did not turn up on them hard enough. That goes well beyond carelessness into ‘fuck you’ territory. A disrespect of the highest order.  Burger King once put mayo on my sandwich twice after I told them both times I was allergic (I’m not, I’m just afraid of it). To this day I believe that if I had a gun in my waistband, I’d be wearing an orange jumpsuit right now looking for a feminine-looking dude with long hair named Casey or Sam to be my prison girlfriend. 100% convinced of it actually. Like what’s your excuse for fucking up your job in consecutive tries? Have you ever seen a typo in more two consecutive posts of mine? Ok, don’t answer that. Bad example. Reely bad example. The only logical explanation otherwise is that they purposefully fucked her over because she’s a miserable, shitty person who has a history of casually strolling in and slinging around racist remarks. If that’s the case, by all means, carry on with God’s work.

P.S. I pray I never have to work at a place that requires a three-inch plexiglass window shielding me from the brutality of the outside world. Actually, I guess it would have it’s perks.

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[h/t barstool]