Bros Go To Las Vegas For A Bachelor Party, Surprise The Bachelor With A Genital Warts Billboard On The Strip

by 4 years ago

Can you imagine what it would be like showing up to Las Vegas for your own bachelor party, walking out onto the strip to find a massive billboard yourself, and on that billboard you’ve become the face of a (fake) genital warts cream and it’s right there for all of Las Vegas to see? Because that’s exactly what happened to one bro, let’s call him Steve, when he showed up in Vegas for his bachelor party and his bro’s decided to play the greatest and most elaborate prank on him ever.

It wasn’t just the billboard either, because they almost made a website complete with pictures and testimonials of Uncle Steve’s Rub-It-Out Genital Warts Remover (Cream) in addition to paying for the ad space on Las Vegas‘ famous strip. Now I’m all for elaborate pranks, but usually that requires someone else planning them because I’m lazy as hell. I have to hand it to these bros for pulling off quite possibly the greatest bachelor party prank we’ve ever seen. Here’s how it all went down:

This is Uncle Steve:



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