After Five Gluttonous Years This Is The LAST Epic Meal Time Video Ever (Maybe, Probably Not)

“We don’t pay for bacon, we get paid to eat bacon. That’s our life.” That quote right there from Epic Meal Time’s 5 year anniversary episode titled ‘The Last Episode of Epic Meal Time‘ is why we both love and envy Harley and the EMT bros so much. They’ve been living the goddamn dream for the past five years, getting paid by brands to live the most gloriously gluttonous life imaginable.

Over the past 5 years (1825 days) Harley and his Epic Meal Time bros have picked up nearly SEVEN MILLION subscribers on their YouTube channel and a completely unfathomable 843,585,230 views on their videos, and for GOOD reason. They’re basically living my dream (and what I assume is the dreams of many bros across the world). They somehow figured out a way to get paid to eat bacon, burgers, wings, and every other form of meat under the sun.

And to commemorate their five year anniversary Epic Meal Time just released ‘The Last Episode of Epic Meal Time’ (though the name is a bit of a misnomer). They go on to say “we’re going to continue making the meals…” not too long after Harley states “Remember when I said Epic Meal Time is going to end? I lied.” The Matrix-esque twist is a little off…but it’s their show and they can do whatever the hell they want with it.

But after five years I’m only wondering one thing: which Epic Meal Time video stood out to you bros the most. Which EMT video was it that really hooked you and made you say ‘holy shit, these bros are living the dream’? Answers down below in the comments!