Lawyer Banned From Jails After Caught ‘Bent Over A Table Apparently Having Sexual Intercourse With An Inmate’

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Most of the time when a criminal says, “I got fucked by my lawyer,” it carries a very negative connotation. But not for Ysreal Granda. The 26-year-old, who is being held at Broward County’s main jail in Florida for attempted murder, allegedly had sexual intercourse with his lawyer. Talk about attorney-client privilege.

Jessica Mishali, a 35-year-old married lawyer, apparently had sex with her client in an interview room last Wednesday. I had no idea that conjugal visits could apply to your lawyer. I’d be seeking counsel daily.

Mishali and Granda were “engaged in what appeared to be sexual intercourse in attorney interview room #5,” according to the Broward Sheriff’s Office.

Mishali, whose married name is David, denied they were having sex. The lawyer has since hired a lawyer to defend her alleged misconduct.

A deputy who walked in on the very intimate meeting wrote a report for the sheriff’s office, which told of the scandalous claims:

“I observed inmate Granda standing behind Mrs. David, who was bent over at the waist with her skirt raised to her waist area. The front part of Granda’s body was pressed firmly against Mrs. David’s buttocks area with one of his hands holding Mrs. David at the upper part of her back and his other hand holding Mrs. David at the lower part of her back. Mrs. David appeared to be looking toward the floor. Because of their close proximity, I did not observe exposed sexual organs.”

Yeah, from my experience, that sure sounds like fucking to me.

She doesn’t face criminal charges, but the state bar has opened an investigation into the allegations. A memo with Mishali’s photo has been posted at all Broward County jails stating, “Effective immediately, Attorney Jessica Mishali David is prohibited from entering any Broward Sheriff’s Office facility or onto any BSO property for any reason either personal or professional until further notice.”

Granda is in jail on four felony charges including two counts of attempted murder. He is serving a four-year sentence for a conviction on two counts of attempted murder in Miami-Dade County. Your lawyer not only bangs you, but gets a ridiculously favorable sentence for trying to kill two people down to four years? I may have to keep this lawyer’s business card in my wallet in case I get in a pickle.


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