You Hear the One About the Married Lawyer That Was Banging His Client and Billing Her for the Sex?

According to the Daily Mail:

A lawyer has been suspended after admitting to an affair with a client – and billing her for time they spent having sex, it was revealed last week.

Attorney Thomas Lowe had a six-month relationship with the woman he was representing in a divorce case.

The 58-year-old, who is married, began an affair with his client after complimenting on her appearance and talking about her sex life. 

The pair embarked on an affair and met up on numerous occasions to have sex.

Documents obtained from Lowe's office in Burnsville, Minnesota revealed that on the dates he was having sex he billed the women for his time and coded their liaisons as 'meetings' or 'drafting memos'.

Lowe first met with the woman in August 2011 to discuss her possibility of representing her in a divorce.

After agreeing to represent her during a phone call days later, Lowe asked about her sexual relationship with her husband, commented on her appearance and asked if she was interested in sex with him.

What a dog. And such a straight shooter. No fluff in his game. “Do you or do you not want to fuck me?” “Yeah, you do? Well, it'll cost ya.”

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