Gahhh Watch A Bro Let A Leafcutter Ant Try And Gnaw Its Way Through His Whole Finger

Coyote Pete sounds like the name of one of your dumbest bro friends, doesn’t it?

“Hey, who will eat the Guadalajaran Fire Shits Pepper?” “I bet we could get Coyote Pete to do it.”

“We didn’t feed this pit bull for nine days. Who can we get to stick a rib eye between their butt cheeks and put in a room with it?” “Coyote Pete, duh.”

“Dude. We should pay someone to take a loaded hand gun on a plane.” “Brah, Coyote Pete will do that shit tomorrow.”

On his YouTube channel Brave Wilderness, he let a Leafcutter ant, known for their fuck strong jaws, gnaw through his finger.

Why? Because he’s Coyote Pete, that’s why. The finger chomping starts 4:30 and WARNING, it gets GNARLY.

[H/T Sploid]

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