Leonardo DiCaprio Might Play The Joker In Martin Scorsese’s Upcoming Origin Film

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Last week, we learned that Warner Bros. is planning on making a movie chronicling The Joker’s origin story, because major movie studios have a reached a point where any film they make must somehow incorporate a comic book character. However, what really made the news noteworthy was the fact that Martin Scorsese is attached as a producer, which gave many people hope the new project might be able to rival the Christopher Nolan films that have so far set the standard for superhero movies.

Some people found it unusual that Scorsese would be connected to a franchise film like this one, but it appears his involvement is part of a longer play on the studio’s part. According to the Hollywood Reporter, Warner Bros. is hoping that Leonardo DiCaprio will agree to take on the role of Batman’s nemesis, which certainly seems like a bit of a stretch when you consider he is one of the only major movie stars who has never appeared in a film that has gone on to spawn a sequel or a spinoff.

Based on the current state of the film industry and the intertwining nature of the DC Universe, it’s hard to imagine that this would simply be a one-off performance. While you might be excited about this development, one person who does not seem to be a fan of the plan is Jared Leto, who wants to continue to be the only Joker despite his underwhelming performance in Suicide Squad. 

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Scorsese and DiCaprio are certainly no strangers to each other. The two have collaborated on five films together, including absolute classics like Gangs of New York, The Departed, and The Wolf of Wall Street. DiCaprio is also slated to star as serial killer H.H. Holmes in the adaptation of The Devil in the White City, which Scorsese will be at the helm of.


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