Lil Bro Sees His Girlfriend Is Getting Harassed, So He Goes Right After Dude Twice His Size

by 3 years ago

This brave lil bro wants the world to know that nobody can mess with his chick, that goes out to even the dudes that are like twice, maybe three times his size. During karate class, one of the instructors is being awfully tough on a young girl. The little karate kid notices and is not about to let that happen on his watch to his girlfriend.

He rushes to the aid of his chick and let’s it be known that nobody can manhandle his girl. He saves his damsel in distress by throwing one powerful punch to the much larger man. But all it took was once punch to send a message not to fuck with his ladyfriend.

Before you feminists go berserk, in no means am I suggesting that this young girl needs the help of the little boy or that she couldn’t handle her shit on her own. It’s just a stupid, but awesomely cute kid video, so relax.

Chivalry is not dead.


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