This Little Girl Being Chased By A Peacock Might Be The Funniest Meme Of 2016 So Far

Having a bird chase after you is one of those things that is sort of inexplicably scary. They don’t have teeth, yet when they take off after you it’s more than a little bit freaky.

So imagine being a kid and having a giant peacock suddenly chasing after you. Pretty terrifying, right?

Indeed it is, yet for those who witness it happening it’s also goddamn hilarious. Which is why the photo you see above shared to Imgur with the caption “our trip to the petting zoo did not go as planned” was so ripe for another legendary Reddit Photoshop Battle.

Here are some of the best…

And now ALL of the memes…

God love the internet for never missing a golden opportunity to create something hilarious out of the simplest of things.

Check out all the rest (and there are many) over at Reddit.

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