LivingSocial’s Halloween Party Featured a ‘Greed’ Room Full of Dreidels

Well, November this month, but it's usually in December. Anyway, for those of you unfamiliar, LivingSocial is a DC-based company whose business model is akin to GroupOn's: they email you a bunch of shit you don't want to buy until you eventually unsubscribe. They also throw a ton of parties. Like the one they had this week, which was Halloween-themed and also offensively-Jewish themed. From The Washington Post.  

The party was held Saturday night at LivingSocial’s 918 F Street venue in downtown Washington. For $59, attendees could check out seven rooms made up to represent the seven deadly sins. The “lust” room included a burlesque show; the “gluttony” room offered sweets; and the “sloth” room invited people to relax on a couch.

There was also a “Greed” room, and according to partygoers, it basically had a gigantic speaker that said “Fuckin' Jews” anytime someone opened the door. 

According to Washington Jewish Week’s Suzanne Pollak, this room also featured dreidels and gold coins. (A dreidel is a spinning top used to play traditional Hanukkah games.)

Yea. They coulda gone with Donald Trump, our maybe the Lehman Brothers logo. But instead they chose to reenact a South Park scene.

LivingSocial later apologized with the following statement:

We do not condone prejudice, nor do we tolerate inappropriate or hurtful behavior of any sort. What happened at the event does not reflect who we are as a company and we are deeply apologetic.

But you know what they were thinking when they said that. 

[H/T @katierogers]