Digital Influencers Logan Paul And King Bach Revealed How Much Money They Make And I Hate Myself

In case you didn’t know, it pays to be a digital influencer (AKA a Vine, YouTube, Instagram or other kind of social media star). The pay, however, isn’t enough for Logan Paul who told 60 Minutes in the video below that he thinks he’s worth three times the amount he’s making. Just so you have some kind of understanding of what he’s making, Paul recently took home $200,000 for a one-day shoot with Dunkin Donuts. This son of a bitch really does run on Dunkin.

Of course Paul isn’t making $200,000 every day, but fellow influence King Bach told 60 Minutes that he could retire today if he wanted to.

Check out the video, it gives you a glimpse into the world of these digital stars and also the booming industry they’re now a part of. On top of all that, it will make you hate your life a little more. So that’s nice!

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