One-Man Operation Offers To ‘Help’ Women In Japan Lose Their Virginity

lost virgin cafe


At one point in Japan marrying a virgin woman was considered a good thing, but now, in today’s world (and in today’s weird Japan) not so much. And apparently there is somewhat of a “crisis” in Japan wherein there are loads of women now into their thirties who have never had sex.

According to RocketNews24

“Mid-thirties virginity complex”, it seems, affects women as much as it does men. Many women who reach their thirties with their virginity intact can feel unwanted, unable to keep up with the gossip of their girl friends, and anxious about a potential married future without any prior experience. Women who are currently mired in the “Konkatsu” process of attending arranged meetings in order to find a potential husband may at the same time be looking for a way to get some no-strings attached experience before settling down with “the one”.

Enter the one-man deflowering superhero named Masa and his Web site Lost Virgin Cafe. At Lost Virgin Cafe women can “apply” to have their virginity taken for the simple cost of just a single hotel room stay.

Applicants must be willing to pay up to 10,000 yen for a hotel “stay” fee, be in good health, and not be currently engaged at the time of the appointment. While looks and body type don’t matter, the service will turn away those who have any known sexually transmitted infections, those with poor hygiene, and those with severe body odour. While condoms will be provided, applicants are recommended to begin taking contraceptive medication in advance of their “appointment” just to make sure there aren’t any mishaps.

However, this just doesn’t happen overnight because there is reportedly a two to three month waiting list. Business is good for Masa, apparently.

Masa also claims he is doing a this as a philanthropic service. He equates virgin brides to “cell phones with no internet connection capability.” Such a sweet-talker this Masa.

“Would you go and get your hair cut by an amateur?” he asks on the site, going on to claim that “women over 170 cm tall are likely to still be virgins by marrying age, and will have a complex about that.”

He provides no photo of himself, but does claim that he has “helped” over 200 women lose their virginity.

Calling himself, the “Virgin Master,” he describes himself as in his 30’s, about 5-10, 158 pounds with 14% body fat and a normal amount of hair on his head, but nowhere else on his body. During the day he works as a designer and Web Site consultant.

Of course, he also has his detractors, especially on Twitter in Japan with one person even saying, “He’s quite clearly insane.”

Insane like a fox? Or just insane?

H/T Death and Taxes, NextShark; Japanese couple image by Shutterstock

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