The Lotus F1 Team Unveiled A ‘Mad Max’ Hybrid Race Car, And It’s As Badass As You’d Expect It To Be

Just when I thought Mad Max: Fury Road couldn’t get any more badass, the Lotus F1 team partnered with the franchise to bring the flame-throwing, spike-equipped vehicle to life.

The third movie in the post-apocolyptic franchise is set to release nationwide this Friday and Lotus made the special Mad Max themed F1 car to coincide with the films release date. The car includes spikes, flame throwers, skulls on the front wings, and diesel off road tires.

F1 Team chief executive Matthew Carter spoke about the project:

“Lotus is always viewed as a challenger team, so this was a fantastic opportunity to work …on the concept of producing a Formula One car for the ultimate challenge of the nightmare scenario of an apocalyptic society seemingly headed for oblivion. This car acknowledges the tenacious nature of Lotus F1 Team; no matter what the rules in Formula 1’s future, we are here to stay and compete.”

I’d probably trade in my shitbox 1994 Camry for one of these panty-droppers. Probably.



Watch this and try not to run through a wall with excitement.


[H/T LADbible]

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