Trill Louisiana Starbucks Sends Satanic Messages in Caramel Drizzles, Is Possibly Illuminati

A woman in Louisiana is upset after her Caramel Macchiato came with—instead of the typical lattice drizzle it’s known for—demonic symbols.

Megan Pinion, of Baton Rouge, complained to Starbucks Facebook page after receiving those above drinks, which clearly contain a pentagram and a ‘666.’

While Starbucks offered an apology to Pinion, it’s Pinion who should be apologizing. To the Illuminati. They were clearly inviting her to join. This is how they do it. Remember the scene in The Recruit where Al Pacino circles the letters ‘CIA’ in ‘SPECIAL’ for Colin Farrell?

That’s how Illuminati works, using quickly dissipating caramel messages. The Starbucks is clearly a branch of one of the Committee of 300.

And now Pinion will never get to know who killed Kennedy.

[H/T Gawker; Image via @PourMeCoffee]