Here’s A MagLite Flashlight Getting Sliced In Half By A 60,000 PSI Water Jet Like It’s A Stick Of Butter

by 5 years ago

Science is fun, and I count myself to be fortunate after getting to start my day by watching a 60,000 PSI jet of water splice an anodized aluminum MagLite in half (they took the batteries out first) like it’s nothing more than a stick of butter. Though yesterday was pretty good too, my Tuesday started with watching the video of the girl whose brothers convinced her there was a zombie apocalypse when she was all crunked up on drugs from having her wisdom teeth removed. If you haven’t seen that video yet you REALLY need to watch that one right now, it’s amazing.

For a brief period of my life my dad actually worked it a metal shop that had one of these machines and I got to see it in action. It was an industrial sign making machine that would make enormous metal signs, and unfortunately I never got to see any shenanigans or tomfoolery like the video you see above, but I did get to see some pretty badass signs…which really isn’t exciting at all.

(h/t Cut In Half YouTube)

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